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Premium Cat Food
Dicat Mix 
Product Code : CF-3
Quantity :
Normal Price : RM 21.00 / unit
Discounted Price : RM 18.00 / unit
Total Saving : RM 3.00
Total Pay Amount : RM 21.00
Product Decription
Nt. Wt. : 1Kg
Highly digestible and appetizing
Complete and balanced nutrition
Suitable for all size and breeds of cat
Contains Taurine for protection of eye sight and heart
Rich in Vitamin E as natural preserver and antioxidant
Low Magnesium content to prevent risk of kidney stone
Rich in Omega 3 & 6 help immune system and shiny coat
INGREDIENTSL : Meat and derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, fish and fish derivatives (Tuna min .10% in natural kibble,) cereals (of which min. 5% rice in natural kibble), oils and fats ,minerals, vegetable , taurine (0.10%),vitamin E, ECC additives.