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Satandard Dog Food All Days
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Product Code : DF-6
Quantity :
Normal Price : RM 150.00 / unit
Discounted Price : RM 135.00 / unit
Total Saving : RM 15.00
Total Pay Amount : RM 150.00
Product Decription
Nt. Wt. : 10kg
Contains 4% fresh chicken
A synthetic and complete food
With an extra energy requirement
Complete food for all size of adult dogs
A nutritive and palatability pet food formulated to provide elevated protein and fats contents for intensive working dog
INGREDIENTS: Meat and derivatives, derivatives of vegetables origin, cereals, oils and fats, minerals, EEC additives.
vitamin A---7,200 I.U.
vitamin D3---540mg.
Vitamin E (alfatocopherol)---46mg.
Copper(Copper sulphate)---8mg.
**with antioxidants : EC additives.