About Us

PetsMart Group Sdn. Bhd. a well known market leader for its pet's product with a history of 24 years in the business. Today we have expanded into a manufacturing area, importing, exporting as well as a wholesaler in the pet industry. Our core products includes a full range for birds, cats, dogs, fish and small exotic animals, Today PetsMart Group Sdn. Bhd. has successfully expanded its business into the European, Middles-East, South-East Asia and Asia-Pacific Regions.

We will aspire to provide the best quality premium pet products as well as services to all pet hobbyists.

We are:-

- A major pet products manufacturer, exporter, importer & wholesalers since 1989
- Ready to supply the needs of your pet with our premium products
- The most complete and reliable company with experience of 21 years
- Specialist in all pet related products for dog, cat, bird, fish, hamster, rabbit, ferret & others small animals
- Taking the steps to establish ourselves on the internet to provide our customers with a service even better than before
- One of the pioneers of Malaysia pet industry, that trying our best & perfection in all your pet's need
- Provided widest range of pet & fish accessories for more options